The French finance minister, Bruno Le Mraier in a recent interview expressed a commitment to the pursuit of the Block Chain. In the interview with the Capital, a French economics and business magazine and comes ahead of the coming Paris Block Chain week on April 16 to 17.

Investing into Block Chain

In the same interview, he further demonstrated his commitment to the new industry when he said that the state will be investing 4.5 billion Euros worth of innovations to keep in pace with the Americans and Chinese when it comes to technology. The These innovations will most definitely include Block chain.

The impact of the PACTE Act

The French finance minister is also championing the PACTE act to herald the block chain regulation and adoption for the country. He identified areas to grow in the block chain policy in the application in industrial sectors. The PACTE according the finance minister, “is an unprecedented and attractive legal framework for token issuers and digital asset service providers.”

What is ahead of us in 2019

Ahead of 2019, he is also looking to explore more funding in block chain projects. In addition to funding they are looking to assist the block chain through regulation and legal outlook.
The minister is in the process of proposing a taxation system for the Crypto. He offers a robust accountancy framework focused on transparency. However back in 2018 of December, lawmakers have shown apprehension to amendments to the 2019 Finance Bill, especially to the easing of tax burdens for crypto investors.

Opinion on Recent Crypto Downturn

The French finance minister has expressed his feelings on the recent slump of the crypto market. He states that the recent weakness is essential for the health of the industry. He adds that the decline does not hurt future aspects of the crypto market.