The cryptocurrency market is still weakened


Bitcoin continues to consolidate without major signs of growth or decline. Strong support at around $3,453 still holds the sales price chart back. But at the same time, “digital gold” is within the framework of a downward trend. This, in turn, implies that sales are still quite likely. As for the other cryptocurrencies, they have shown a slight change, and yet mostly stuck in the “red zone.” The leader of the decline was Ripple (XRP), it has consolidated at $0.298456 with a daily change of -1.33%.

As for the capitalization, it remained at the same level without significant changes. The mark remains at around $113 billion, that implies the weakness of the market.

Reduced volumes

The news contributes to market uncertainty. It became known that the analytical company Diar recorded the lowest volumes of trading on the stock exchanges, and compared them with 2017. The next messenger was the Binance exchange. According to their report, the exchange noted the worst trading volume in January of this year.

BTCUSD (H4): the market is waiting for news

Bitcoin stays above the support level of $3,453, which indicates a waiting position among market participants. Also, there are no strong signals to break through the key level.

There is a weakness in trading with disappointing statistics of the world crypto exchanges.

Bitcoin in a state of uncertainty
A new wave of sales

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