The Crypto Currency saw losses across the board. The Crypto market saw losses across the board as the market saw a retracement. This comes after the whole market saw a run that pushed the market capitalizations to new highs for the year. The losses of the day were buoyed by XRP’s relative strength. The XRP went up but saw it lose momentum.

Ripple XRP Rose Despite Losses in the Cryptomarket

The Crypto currency Market Saw Losses after the retracement but the Ripple’s RP coin saw modest gains. The day started out strong with the coin moving up and pushing to $0.38, close to resistance levels at the $0.40 mark. After losing steam, it traced back to the $0.36 level.

The Market Cap Fell Below the $180 Billion Mark

The Crypto currency market saw losses that brought down the market cap from the highs at the $180 billion mark. The Bitcoin saw losses due to the retracement, with losses of a little bit over 1.04%. The market cap for the Bitcoin remained steady at $92.35 billion. More importantly, the trading volume was at $15.9 billion and priced at $5,224.

The Bitcoin Up and Down

The Bitcoin saw an up and down that saw the bitcoin from highs of $6,459. The coin fell back to as low as $4,186. The coin corrected and rose to $5,089. As a result, the coin finds strongest support at the $3,902 mark. The next strong resistance holding the Bitcoin down will be the $5,663 level followed by $6,562 mark.

The Picture is Still Bright

The  recent downturn is looking to push the prices down for the Bitcoin but the general consensus is a bullish one. The technical are all coming in positive for a bullish turn. A Kilinger Oscillator technical analysis shows a positive reading line above the signal line. Other analysis also show positively.