The Bitcoin went up the last 24 hours, even if the rise was only a slight bump. The other coins in the market trended positive despite a slow down for the trading volume on Binance.

Larger market cryptocurrencies saw a rise with EOS and Litecoin. Smaller market cap coins also got an increase.  Ethereum Classic jumped up 4% and Stellar Lumens held strong at $0.126 mark.

Bitcoin Went Up

The core crypto coin went up 1% to move up above the $5,200 again. At one point, the Bitcoin fell below the $5,200 level to $5,150 but the coin recovered. The Bitcoin went up and gained strength and pushed the coin to the $5,300 mark.

The resistance for the Bitcoin lies at $5,360 and if it pushed above that, it could go above the $5,400 mark. The new support was established at the $5,150 level. The next support level below that is at $5,075 mark.

EOS and LiteCoin Lead the Pack

EOS was the star of the day as it led the way with a 7% increase for the day. The EOS went up 7% to reach the $5.80 mark. The Litecoin was also a positive sign for the crypto but not as strong as the EOS. The EOS  went up a respectable 3% and was trading at $88.

The Ripple Remained Steady

The XRP was experiencing the slowdown but the coin may be consolidating for a bullish push. It was able to stay above the $0.3480. In order to pursue the bearish trend, it must stay above the $0.3480 mark, otherwise it could lead to a fall through.

If the trend breaks through and goes above the $0.3600 mark we could see a sustained push above the next resistance point above $0.3700 mark. The next mark could be interesting as it could see a breakthrough.