The Altcoins target gains in the day’s trading after it tries to correct losses it had yesterday. The market cap recovers after shrinking below the $168 mark. The market capitalization of block chain currencies was pushed back up above $170 billion mark. This is an indication of a healthy interest in the digital coin market that could be the reason for the altcoin recovery.

Yesterday’s Fall Push Altcoins Toward Correction

The altcoin pushed to correct the losses they felt yesterday. The EOS recovered to correct losses yesterday as it went up. The EOS pushed towards the resistance levels at the $4.80 and $4.85 mark after the testing support lines along the $4.55 mark. The angle is pushing towards a bullish trend.
Another altcoin that attempted to correct losses in today’s trading is the Tron. Though it is still in the bearish zone. It struggled to go above the $0.0242 level. The TRX fell slightly below to $0.0240 but it has an upside above the $0.0242 and $0.0245.
The Bitcoin Cash has been highly volatile in the past few weeks. Currently, the Bitcoin Cash is correcting lower compared to massive gains it enjoyed last month. It will likely test support at $265 and could even land below $260.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Recover

Both the Bitcoin and the Ethereum lost ground against the dollar to suffer from major losses. Today’s trading has the coins correct losses yesterday. The Bitcoin initially fell below the $5300 before it bounced back above support levels at $5340.
The key resistance for the bitcoin is at $5360. A break from the point could push the bitcoin to $5400 or higher.
The Ethereum was also a casualty of trading which hope to correct losses from yesterday. The Bitcoin bounced back to correct losses to reach $159. If the level holds it could create enough momentum to push Ethereum higher but if it falls, the Ethereum could fall further, extending recent losses.