Starbucks is one of the leading coffee makers in the world and is pushing for ethical sourcing Farm to Cup movement. Farm to Cup is a process of tracking your coffee from the very source to the end user and Starbucks is exploring blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of the process. The large coffee chain will be working with Microsoft and their blockchain to help track their shipments of coffee.

Starbucks and the Farm to Cup Movement

Starbucks prides itself in the quality of their coffee and the Farm to Cup movement is at the center of this. The giant coffee company is looking to improve on the Farm to Cup concept by introducing Blockchain to their process. This is part of the their push for Ethical sourcing.
Starbucks source beans from 380,000 farms just last year and ethical sourcing through Farm to Cup movement will benefit not only the coffee companies but the growers as well. Farm to Cup blockchain technology allows growers to keep track of their produce as it leaves their farms all the way to the end consumer. This is a level of transparency that will only improve their livelihoods. The same transparency benefits their customers as it allows them to see how the coffee they love actually benefits a lot of family starting from the Farm to the cup they hold in their hand.

Blockchain Technology Tracking Supplies

The key to Starbucks Farm to Cup movement is knowing where their coffee is at all times. Blockchain helps this because it provides them with the digital identity to track their shipments.
Starbucks has partnered with Microsoft and their blockchain service. The blockchain will follow their coffee supply as they move through their shipment. It will track it through a shared ledger for a complete view of the supply chain.

What is in Store for the Starbucks Blockchain

In the future, they will be implementing the Farm to Cup project internationally. They have already talked to farmers in several countries including Costa Rica, Rwanda and Colombia to name a few.
Starbucks is working with the company Intercontinental Exchange the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange and Bakkt, a digital infrastructure firm as they develop applications that will convert digital assets to US dollars.