The PepsiCo Blockchain will be launching soon for the beverage giant focusing on Programmatic Advertising. For now, they have only conducted tests on the PepsiCo Blockchain, and it has improved the supply chain efficiency by 28% through efficient Programmatic advertising. Despite the good news, the stock prices for PEP went down, although modestly, below one percent.

What is PepsiCo Blockchain

The beverage giant Pepsi is in the process of launching their PepsiCo Blockchain which they have named “Project Proton”. Project proton aims to address difficulties surrounding programmatic advertising.
The Media Agency Mindshare assisted in the implementation of the run. The PepsiCo Blockchain makes use of Zilliqa’s platform for blockchain. Other partners that are included in Project proton are Rubicon, an online advertiser, Media Math, a programmatic marketing firm and Integral Ad Science a media firm.

About the PepsiCo Blockchain trial

The trial run of the PepsiCo Blockchain was conducted for the month of March. The trial was done focusing in the asia Pacific region.
It was done using Zilliqa smart contracts to automate the supply chain. Furthermore, these smart contracts are reconciled and delivered through a Native Alliance Token(NAT). These are done in real time without sacrificing efficiency and transparency.

Programmatic Advertising, What is It?

The Pepsico Blockchain has and its trial has been focused on improving supply through programmatic advertising. But, what is programmatic advertising. To put it simply, programmatic advertising is making use of specialized software to implement ad buying. The goal is to improve efficiency of the advertising to get higher viewership at shorter period of time at a lower price.

Favorable Results for the PepsiCo Blockchain Trial

According to Mindshare, the PepsiCo Blockchain saw an increase of 28% efficiency compared to a control group. With the help of the blockchain, there was a massive improvement in the cost per viewable impression.
Thanks to the success of the PepsiCo Blockchain trial run, PepsiCo will run new campaigns to confirm hypotheses and get a better understanding of the overall impact.