New wave of decline


Thursday’s trading day was marked by negative trading dynamics. The bitcoin price chart came close to support at $3,453. In addition, it is clear that “digital gold” has confirmed its downward direction. Bitcoin is now trading at $3467 with a change of -1.39%. It is likely that sales will increase, and the coin will be close to its weekly minimum of around $3423.

The leader of the decline of the most capitalized currencies was XRP. It is trading at $0.3013 with a change of -5.85%. The next in the rating was ETH – it “sank” by -3.52% and is now trading at around $105.27.

As for the level of capitalization of the cryptocurrency market, the mark is kept at $112 billion. This, in turn, indicates a lack of speculative capital to put Bitcoin out of the narrow trading range.

Binance collaborates with Visa and MasterCard

The news background of the last days of the week does not make a strong influence on the bidding. It became known that Binance Exchange intends to work with Visa and MasterCard. Such a solution will make purchases of cryptocurrency using credit cards more affordable. Israeli processing service Simplex helps them in the process.

BTCUSD (H4): hope for growth

Bitcoin is now near support at $3,453. If the price chart overcomes this level, we can expect consolidation in the lower trading framework.

Reducing the level of capitalization and “digital gold” being in the framework of the downward trend greatly enhances the position of sellers.

Growing trading activity
Upcoming Prospects of the Lightning Network

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