New Capital is an investment incubator firm whose main aim is to provide transparency to an investment world that is banking on anonymity. New Capital believes that transparency is necessary to grow block chain to the regular users.

New Capital Pushing for Trust and Transparency

One of the spearheads of the new company is Edwin Terek and he has expressed disappointment in the “A basic tenet of blockchain is to promote trust. “But unfortunately, many participants in the industry hold a completely contradictory stance, and that’s truly frustrating.”, he adds.

Like Edwin Terek, a lot of the great minds behind this new start up is used to a lot of scrutiny and regulation. The heads of New Capital come from highly regulated industries like Finance, Telecommunications, and Air Traffic.

New Capital Offerings Welcomed

At the center of this policy is their first project which is Their maiden project is looking at a decentralized platform that allows peer to peer exchange of assets digitally. The initial launch has been met with amazing reviews.

There are many Service providers interested in listing and $TWINS coin added to their platforms in exchange for a strong recommendation for their inclusive community. Terek has expressed that they are more than willing to be inclusive.

Incubator Having Difficulty Finding Willing Partners

However, their fervor remains to their mission of transparency and truth in the block chain world. To this effect, they find it vital that these service providers conduct a video conference. Unfortunately, the videoconference request has been turned down, preferring their anonymity. “For us to develop any level of trust, we insist on knowing the identity and seeing the faces of the key personnel at the relevant providers.” Edwin Terek said driving his point.

Among the service providers, a couple has answered their call for a meeting, and $TWINS is already listed on the site of while has created a master node for the coin. If successful this could be a major step in creating a block chain world built on Trust and Transparency.