The crypto market cap reaches a new 2019 high in today’s trading. This bullish push was paced by the rise of the Bitcoin. The gradual grind of the Bitcoin was a continuous push upwards while trying to reach $10,000.

The Recent Rise of the Bitcoin Pushes it to 2019 New High

The Bitcoin found new strength in today’s trading. It pushed higher to a new 2019 high as it broke through the $9600 resistance mark before peaking slightly above $9800 in early trading. It has since retreated to $9700 towards the end of trading today.
Analysts are expected this momentum to push the Bitcoin further in the next coming days. It is expected that the Bitcoin will break through the $10000 ceiling some time over the weekend.

Ethereum Gains Strength But Still Outpaced by Bitcoin

The Ethereum recovered in today’s trading as it rose to $280. Despite recent highs the ETH is still far outpaced by the Bitcoin in its recent success. The Bitcoin is 20% compared to the all-time high but the Bitcoin is closing in as it has already reached half the value of the all-time high.
Analysts still have hope that the Ethereum performance will improve. It is almost certain that the Ethereum will reach $300 in the next few days and maybe even more once the Altseason kicks in.

Altcoins Not Affected Much by New 2019 High

Recent success of the Bitcoin did little for the rest of the Altcoins as most were left unmoved. The Binance coin was one the few coins that performed well in today’s trading. The Binance coin was 6% stronger with only the Bitcoin Cash and EOS moving up with a 2% increase.

New 2019 High for Market Cap

Crypto market cap rose to a new 2019 high. It broke through resistance levels at $285 billion to reach the new highs. It topped out at $300 biliion for the day but soon corrected to settle at $297 billion. The market is still dominated by the Bitcoin with 58% of the total holdings.