French Film Industry Producer submitted a report to the National Centre of Cinematography. In the report, producer Dominique Boutonnat leans heavily on blockchain technology to offer solutions for the French film industry. Despite disputes from the film industry in general, the report looks into the solutions that help address the imbalance surround blockchain and the film industry.

Dominic Boutonanat, Who is He?

The report was submitted by French film producer Dominique Buotonnat. He has been a film producer since 2007 in the film Jacquou le croquant where he served as Executive producer. His most recent work was Money in 2017 and My Zoe which is slated for release in 2019. In his report he explains three main recommendations for the adoption of blockchain in the French film industry.

Three Block Chain Recommendation for the French Film Industry

The first recommendation from Boutonnat explains the benefits of redesigning the Cinema and Audiovisual register to make use of blockchain technology. In doing so, it would improve processing time through a modernized data aimed at compiling data with higher integrity.
The second recommendation centers around tax collection from theater admissions. If tax collection is done through blockchain, it would provide a better view of the real viewership with better accuracy and at real time. Normally, there is poor tracking which could lead to inaccuracy and delays.
The third and final recommendation on the report involves revenue sharing. Blockchain apps used for the French film industry allows for transparency in revenue sharing. It takes away the guesswork on the distribution and allows people to reap reward easier and more efficient.

Future of Blockchain in the French Film Industry

Other applications of blockchin in the French film industry can be in the form of smart contracts. It should allow for trustless value holding in the industry in a form that is more efficient and more transparent. It could represent a shift in power that gives the art and entertainment side better focus as it makes the financial side of film making way easier than before.