FedEx Exec Rob Carter, in the last Block Chain Global Revolution Conference, expressed his belief that there needs to be a block chain standard for the industry. They find that the block chain standard could help streamline the shipping process while improving tracking.

Who is Fedex exec Rob Carter

The FedEx Exec Rob Carter is the Chief information center for one of the largest delivery service companies in the world. Along with the FedEx Exec, other international delivery companies like DHL and UPS have joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance.

Mandating a Blockchain Standard for Shipping Internationally

FedEx Exec and Chief Information Officer, Rob Carter believes that a worldwide enterprise adoption of blockchain will usher a more efficient and safer platform for ecommerce.
Possible use blockchain could be to help both customs and border agents in the creation of chain custody. This could help guard against the importation of illegal materials like illegal drugs and counterfeit medical devices.
The main challenge in finding a global solution is not in the creation of a secure and open platform. Large companies can create proprietary platforms that can serve this purpose but it will encounter many technical problems as well as regulatory challengers.
To ensure a successful and global reach of the new platform, it is important that a solution based on a standardized open source software that offers transparency of process. Also as important for the cooperative effort is that no one institution profits from this project

Where are We in Implementing Block Chain Standards?

In an interview at the Blockchain Global Revolution Conference the FedEx Exec explains the status of implementing blockchain in the shipping industry. Carter explains, “we’re duking it out for the dominant design”
He doubles down on the steps needed to achieve a standardized blockchain adoption for the industry. “There are times when regulatory mandates and pushes can be incredibly helpful”.