The Facebook Blockchain Team have been highly secretive as of late, but more names are slowly being revealed. The news of the members connected to Facebook’s global coin comes with news that the launch could be as soon as this month. Aside from the 10 members revealed, Facebook Blockchain team is still apparently being completed as the career pages is still looking for over 30 roles related to Blockchain.

10 Members of the Facebook Blockchain Team Revealed

Despite secrecy, more and more is being revealed about the Facebook Blockchain Team. The Chief economist for the coin project is Christian Catalini from MIT and the lead of the token project is Surita Parasuraman who heads the project from Switzerland. The 10 disclosed members will be working under the lead of David Marcus who is based in Israel and was the president of PayPal.
The 10 Facebook blockchain Team Executives working under David Marcus that have been reported to be working on the global coin project include:

  1. Tomer Barel – Vice President of Risk and Operations
  2. Kevin Weil – Vice-President of Product
  3. James Everingham – Engineering Head
  4. Geoff Teehan – Product Design Head
  5. Eric Nakagawa – Open Source Head
  6. Raaid Amhad – Analytics Head
  7. Govinda Asawa – Data Engineering Head
  8. Oliver Gratry – Finance Head
  9. Susan Portalepi – Research Head
  10. Mandeep Walia – Head of Compliance and Enterprise Risk

The PayPal and Facebook Coin Project Connection

The reported names have not included operators in the blockchain industry, but they are contributors in technology and finance. The head of the project has been in the finance technology as the former president of PayPal.
David Marcus has been the head of the messenger operations in Facebook until he recently stepped down. He was later revealed to be the head of new Blockchain project.
As the head of the blockchain project, he has tapped into former colleagues in PayPal including Tomer Barel and Mandeep Walia.