Ethereum over Bitcoin Argument

Experts are optimistic that we have seen the worst of this Crypto-winter. The Crypto-winter has caused lay-offs and some closing of companies. There has been speculation that recovery is on its way which could push the Bitcoin back to the $20,000 highs. If the momentum is strong enough, it could even go as high as the million-dollar mark a Delphi Digital Report shows..

There is a currency that the experts are even more optimistic about. The volatility that the Ethereum and everything in its block chain is the advantage they have over other currencies. Compared to Bitcoin, ETH has shown to be significantly more volatile than its counterpart. In the report from Delphi Digital showed through their High Beta Risk Reward chart that in a six month period ETH had significantly higher volatility than the Bitcoin.

In addition to volatility, the price movement of alt coins compared to the bitcoin is another helpful factor to look at. Altcoins tend to hitch their movement to the Bitcoin and Ethereum’s higher beta of volatility indicate a possibility of a faster rise, especially at the beginning.

The Ripple Quandry

On the opposite end, the Ripple is not showing the same recovery trend as others. The ripple is unlike most cryptocurrencies because it is mainly centralized. After pre-mining, the company that started the Ripple reacquired a lot of the outstanding tokens. They are the majority owners and it goes away from the main philosophy of cryptocurrencies, which is decentralization for the people.

Another aspect of the Ripple is the difference between Ripple the protocol and Ripple as a token otherwise known as XRP. Ripple is the protocol that bank’s most trust, but any bank can create their own coin to run on the protocol. It would be foolish for banks to use the XRP to run their activities as access to it may cause a run on bank prices.