Today’s trading shows the Crypto market stable ahead of a break in trading. The crypto market was a balanced bunch crypto coins experiencing mixed results. The larger coins like the Ethereum and the Bitcoin core enjoyed a nice surge.

The Bitcoin Enjoy Strength

Eventhough the crypto market was stable relatively, but the bitcoin did enjoy a little bit of a rise when it moved up to settle around $5186. The Bitcoin core market cap saw a nice bump. As well.
Analyst are looking at the recent run and they are theorizing that it could possibly push the coin to new new highs. They compared the rise from the past and extrapolated what the next bull run could bring the Bitcoin to $68,000. In the previous runs, the Bitcoin saw diminishing growth with an increase of 51,000% first, then 9,400%. A logical increase of $2,300, if fortunate, will give an investor a price pushing towards $68,000

The Ethereum Also Enjoyed a Nice Push after Vitalik Assurance

The Ethereum was part of trend which saw the crypto market stable. The Ethereum’s rise was a bit more conservative compared to the Bitcoin with a modest 2% rise. The rise might have been buoyed by the Assurance from Vitalik.
Vitalik Buterin is one of the founders of Ethereum, and he sent assurances that they are working on achieving the promises of Ethereum 2.0 of scalability and speed.
The Ethereum has been under attack from innovative new cryptos and relative uncertainty on the crypto market in general but the assurances is a positive assurance for the second largest crypto currency.

Mixed Bag of Crypto Results

Coins like Stellar Lumens showed slight increase with a 2% growth. This pushed the Lumens to $0.1145 for the day’s trading. On the other side, IOTA saw roughly, a 2% drop for the day’s trading. This was characteristic of the whole market where results were mixed for the day.