The Crypto Market hold steady and was in a holding partner today as the top 20 currencies showed a balanced movement with minor movement compared to yesterday’s prices. This shows that a fickle crypto market hold steady for the day except for very minor dips in certain currencies. The lack of movement did not provide enough momentum to push market cap above the strong resistance levels above the $129 billion mark.

Bitcoin Price Remain Steady Despite Large Transaction from Whale

As the Cypto market hold steady, the Bitcoin reflected market sentiment when it finished the day close to the $3,900.00 resistance. The coin has been staying within the $3,900 mark despite some activity. The currency recovered from the intraday low of $3,891 to reach $3,910 for the day. Tis represents a minimal loss of 0.1% for that period.

This relative activity may be a sign that the Bitcoin Whale may finally be done selling off the currency. The whale has been systematically selling $230 million worth of Bitcoin and moving them to smaller wallets to avoid attention. The wallet does not seem to be owned by major exchanges,

Ethereum Remain Steady With Minor Dips,

Ethereum movement was also uneventful as it stayed within threshold at around $133. The price dipped down to $133.31 to 0.44% decline.

XRP Rises With Expansion of Adoption

The third highest currency in terms of market cap, the Ripple XRP saw the increase of 1.22% for the day as it moved to the price of $0.314

The relative strength of the XRP may be because of the addition of the XRP in the Binance exchange platform. The exchange added the support on their wallet, Binance Trust Wallet. The wallet also supports other currencies such as Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC, Bitcoin Cash BCH as well as Ethereum and Ethereum based tokens ERC20, ERC721, and ERC20.