Correction speculations grew after a massive crypto dump. This has led analysts to think further correction would be ahead. These correction speculations were easily quashed when the bitcoin bounced back.

Correction Speculations Prove Wrong

Last Friday, the crypto market felt pressure from a $25 billion dump which led many to expect further corrections. Analysts believe that the weekend and Monday trading would result in more jumping out of the crypto market.
Contrary to analyst expectations, the Crypto grew back the lost holding to bounce back to above the $270 billion market capitalization. Furthermore, the uptrend remains strong despite earlier correction speculations.

Bitcoin Beats Back Correction Speculations Early

Despite the Bitcoin dump was a massive $25 Billion on Friday, the bitcoin beat back naysayers when it went up to $8800. Since then, the bitcoin has corrected back to fall as low as $8600 but is now settling at $8700 after today’s trading.

Ethereum Keep Things Steady

The correction speculations have left Etherum undaunted. The Etherum has been relatively unmoved by recent market developments. The Ethereum has held steady around $270. The Ethereum will likely follow the movement of the Euro and close in on the nearest support at $250 line.

Altcoins Showing Some Signs of Stability

The top three coin XRP went up 4% to $0.448 while the Bitcoin SV had a surge of 17% to reach $218, although analyst believe the Bitcoin SV surge was mostly a manipulated pump. The coin Cosmos is one of the gainers of today’s trading as it went 11% while Ethereum Classic went up a modest 4%.
On the other end, some of the coins that fell after the weekend include the Tron and EOS who both fell 5% for the day.
Aside from these movers, the top twenty pretty much remained flat for the day.