Trading volumes are growing

Bitcoin along with the US dollar showed an attempt to gain a foothold in the range of $4,180. The market participants intend to buy the popular cryptocurrency. As for the other coins, they also strengthened. EOS was the growth leader – it showed a change in the area of ​​4.38% and stopped at $3.82. Lightcoin (LTC) showed similar dynamics – it strengthened by 2.62% and stays within 49%.

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market at the end of yesterday was $134 billion. This is a positive signal and indicates the willingness of market participants to continue to buy.

News support growth

The news background this time supports the market. It became known that Twitter had the opportunity to carry out micropayments in Bitcoins. In turn, this is a positive signal, because there is a precedent for the implementation of cryptocurrency solutions in social networks. Meanwhile, according to the CoinMarketCap information, trading volumes have recently increased dramatically. As for Tuesday, the volume amounted to $33.85 billion. Thus we see a repetition of the result of May 2018.

At the moment, Bitcoin is in the $4,180 -$3,881 trading framework. There was an attempt to reach the level of resistance in the range of $4,180, but this idea was not crowned with success. If sales increase, the price chart will meet with reliable support in the range of $3811.

There is currently a “bull market” – volumes are growing, the level of capitalization is increasing. If the news background will further contribute to growth, then there will be a steady achievement of the $4180 mark.