On the threshold of a new growth

Bitcoin (BTC) stays in the “green zone.” The market participants are holding a pause before a new stage of trading activity. At the same time, a breakdown at a key level will open up the prospect of new growth. At least the first target in the range of $3881 will arise. Other popular cryptocurrencies also formed their trading ranges. In addition, unlike Bitcoin, they are more focused on the upward movement.

EOS coin was the growth leader of yesterday, it showed a change of + 6.42% and stopped at $2.95. Ethereum (ETH) felt confident; it strengthened at $ 124 with a change of + 2.64%.

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market grew by $1 billion and totaled $121 billion. Even though some coins did not strengthen much, the growth of capitalization inspires confidence. If this indicator does not decrease, we can expect a new wave of growth shortly.

Western Union keeps pace with the times

The news background was once again unable to create a strong influence on the market. It can be assumed that market participants buy popular coins based on the fact that they are at low price levels. But the message from Western Union should be considered. The money transfer system intends to cooperate with Ripple. This is a positive signal because it shows that payment systems are ready to go tight with new technologies.

Bitcoin continues to be in the trading framework of $3,740 – $3,575. In addition, “digital gold” is slightly below the key resistance in the range of $3,740. In case of confident breakdown of this level, a clear target will open up at the level of $3881.

Despite the growth in capitalization, Bitcoin is still trading unconfidently. We note a greater likelihood of a new wave of interest in buying “digital gold.”