BTCUSD (H4): bitcoin under pressure


Continuous uncertainty

Trading environment was marked by versatile trading dynamics. In addition, uncertainty and stagnation are prevailing in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin (BTC) has consolidated slightly below the support level of $3,453 with a daily change of +0.10%. The silent best turned out to be Ethereum (ETH) – it stopped at $105 with a change of + 0.13%. It is also necessary to take into account that many cryptocurrencies are in the framework of the downward trend. This, in turn, encourages market participants to sell more.

The market capitalization of cryptocurrency decreased by $1 billion and is currently amounted to $112 billion. We can see that speculative capital is not enough to buy coins. Therefore, we note that Bitcoin will not grow until the end of the week.

New Breath for ICO

As for the news, there were no important events or statements made by the leaders of the crypto industry yesterday. The lack of important news also created trading weakness and uncertainty. But still, the statistics of research and rating companies set a small market mood. It became known that the ICObench rating agency announced a decreased collection of funds for ICO-projects. However, analysts noted that there had become a little more of ICOs.

The price chart of “digital gold” is in a downward trend. In addition, Bitcoin has consolidated below the support of $3,453. This, in turn, indicates the presence of “bearish” signals. Purchases are unlikely in the nearest future.

In the background of minor news, the diversified dynamics of bidding can be observed. Coins are held in a negative trend.

BTCUSD (H4): weak trading

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