The market hovered around major support levels at the 126.08 Billion level before falling through to the $1.20 Billion level. The market immediately rebounds above the $125 Billion resistance level. The market cap eventually settled around $126 billion resistance. At this point, the crypto currency market faces  challenges as strong resistance await above the $128 billion level. Should the market break through, this could be a good sign for major currencies like Bitcoin, Etherium and others. However,

EOS Getting Ready to Move

The EOS investors are in a holding pattern around the $3.50 support level which could be an indication that the currency could be in store for some major movement. It has a bullish angle that could push it past the $3.7608 support level.

Bitcoin continue to drop Despite Strong Gains in The Day

The bitcoin again fell for the day, giving back gains from the rallies during the day that pushed to intra day highs above the $4,000 and $4,200 levels. The currency settled around the $4,000. If the currency continues to fall, it awaits a strong buy back level at $3,760 price level.

Etherium Remains Steady With Hints of Uptrend

The second largest Cryptocurrency showed strength with rise to $150 and $155 level after hitting a hard ceiling with a resistance level at $170 mark. It was caught by the support at $160 and $150 mark.

Ethereum had a busy day as it went up and down hitting support levels as low as $132. However, the jump past the $150 resistance level is a strong sign of better days for the currency.

Alt Coins Flex Muscles with Gains

The strongest gains of the day came from Alternative coins that has a combined market cap that does not go above the $50,000 level. The biggest gainer was ABBC with gains above 265% followed by TIG with gains around 160%. Other alt coins that gained above 100% include GBT, PBT, CWV, ENJ, and LBJT.