Bitcoin and the Crypto Currency Market Was Lifted to help push Bitcoin to Flirt with the $4,000 mark. Weiss Rating was released to show favorable rating to the Bitcoin and many other emerging crypto-currencies.

EOS Shines Bright

One of the stars of the Weiss Rating was the EOS which pushed the coin 20% higher than the day before. The movement pushes the EOS market cap higher, moving past the previous month ‘s star, the Litecoin. The EOS jumped from fifth place in Market Cap and it moves to the fourth.

Dark Shadows With A Bright Future

The ratings report from Weiss is titled Dark Shadows with a Bright Future. The report aims to review the block chain currencies that show the best combination of technology and adoption. The report also takes into consideration the scalability, security, monetary policy, upgradability, and acceptance from the public.

The report placed a rating of A and A- grade to Ethereum Rival EOS which fueled its strength.

Bitcoin Gets A Rating

Also, Bitcoin got a favorable rating of A from Weiss an improvement from C the year before. The Rating for the bitcoin was boosted by the improvement of infrastructure.

Bitcoin cash followed the rise of the bitcoin as it pushed up to the $165 level compared to the US level. The momentum may also carry the Bitcoin Cash above the $172 resistance level especially with the day highs moving above $170.

Fundamentals and Low Prices Offer Great Opportunity

The decline of block chain currency prices may suggest less users for them but in fact, there is more people using the top currencies. Fundamentals are also favorable with major improvements in terms of security and technology. With the improvement of fundamentals and the recent drop in prices, it would be easy for investors to make a positive investment decision with the best rated investments.