The Altcoins uptrend for 2019 is a good sign for investors in the crypto market. The push of altcoins have helped the overall market capitalization to balloon to just below $180 billion. However, the past week, has shown the resurgence of the bitcoin.

The Altcoins Uptrend

The most popular coins of the currency, especially the Litecoin, the Binance coin, the Bitcoin Cash have all gained more than 150 % for the year which gives the crypto market a much more positive outlook.

Coinbase Adds Auger (REP) to Their List

Aside from the major altcoins, there is one of the altcoins uptrend that showed out the most. That One altcoin that enjoyed a boost was the Auger or REP. The coin was listed to the online crypto exchange for the first time on the 18th of April 2019. It will be available to most users of the exchange except for the New York users. Users from the exchange will have to wait.
The Auger token is designed to provide a block chain platform for creating shares and trading of said shares for any predictable event including sports events, global events and even elections.
After the announce, the REP gained 13.4% for the day’s trading to settle at a price $21.94 for the day.

BAT and Brave Browser Also Enjoying an Increase

Another of the Altcoins uptrend is being experienced by Brave Browser and BAT Tokens. This traction from the Brave Brower token is being fueled by the growing popularity of their ad rewards program. Their rewards system they have named The Brave New System, aims to create a platform that provides direct and transparent value transactions between advertiser, viewer and content creators.
The Basic Attention Token or BAT enjoyed a growth of 20% in just three days. The rise of 8.7% pushed the value of the BAT to $0.35 for the day’s trading.