About Profits.plus

Profits.plus is a digital media portal specializing in fintech ecosystem. We are totally independent and not associated with any service provider.

The editorial team consists of freelance writers, storytellers and journalists. The team is dedicated to provide blockchain news, stories, cryptoeconomics reviews and opinions. It’s our biggest challenge to provide you with expert commentary concerning fintech startups and industry regulation. We also cover industry events, expo and summits.

Special interests of Profits.plus include emerging fintech trends, adopting blockchain ecosystem, cryptoassets and social transformation. We pay distinctive attention to main and emerging players in blockchain and other fintech sectors.

Our social mission here, at Profits.plus is to educate our readers on the impact of blockchain on traditional financial systems. We aim to raise awareness during digital revolution and contribute to adopting blockchain ecosystem.

Interested in posting a piece on Profits.plus – please email support@profits.plus. We don’t normally post press releases. If you believe that your publication will be of interest for our readers, please submit your press release to our editorial team’s review.

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